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Modern and unique earrings

At Monglam, we know that earrings are one of the keys to enhance your beauty, as they become the centre of attention when you address others. Our selection of earrings is carefully designed to highlight your face and give you that special touch. From designs ideal for everyday wear to more elegant, 18k gold-plated pieces for unforgettable moments, we have the perfect pair for every moment of your life.

Collections that inspire

Fashion never stops changing, but at Monglam we are constantly in tune with the latest trends. Discover our nature-inspired collections, such as snake, flower and butterfly earrings. If you're looking for a more personal touch, our initial earrings are the perfect choice. And we can't forget the classic and always elegant options, such as the iconic Cynthia hoop earrings, whose special meaning makes them the ideal gift for loved ones.

The Distinction of 925 Sterling Silver

Silver is a noble metal that is part of our identity at Monglam. Our collection of earrings made of 925 sterling silver not only has a timeless design, but also guarantees exceptional quality that never goes out of style. Combine these charming earrings with each other to create unique outfits that allow you to look fashionable at all times.

Shine with gold earrings

Gold has always been synonymous with distinction and elegance, and our 18ct gold plated earrings are no exception. At Monglam, we offer you a wide variety of original and customisable designs that will allow you to combine them with any outfit. Discover our wide selection of earrings that will ensure a radiant and flattering shine for any occasion. Classic and timeless, our gold-plated earrings will never go out of style and will allow you to look sophisticated and elegant.

Large earrings

At Monglam, we are not content to simply offer large earrings, but we take care to offer a selection of large earrings that stand out for their avant-garde and original designs. We know the value that these stunning accessories bring to any outfit, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. Their imposing size ensures that no one will go unnoticed when wearing them.

Long earrings

Long earrings are a safe choice to stand out in style at any type of event. From nights out to special celebrations, their presence ensures that you won't go unnoticed. Whatever style you wear, these earrings will give you a unique and special touch, capturing all eyes and reflecting a singular charm.

Quality earrings

At Monglam, we pride ourselves on working with premium materials. Our dedication to quality is reflected in every detail. We offer high quality earrings made from fine materials at irresistible prices. We understand that buying jewellery online can be hesitant, so even in our OUTLET, we offer a 30-day no-obligation return or exchange policy.

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