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Minimal Collection Jewelry: the piece of jewelry that lasts year after year.

In our minimal collection we predominantly use 925 silver or 14 karat and 18 karat gold plated jewelry with a simple design but still different. They are unique pieces of jewelry that can be worn year after year and can be combined with any look, whether romantic, modern, classic or youthful.

Quality jewelry

Monglam's minimalist jewelry is designed to last year after year, either for its simple and versatile design or for its high quality. All our earrings, necklaces, rings or bracelets in silver or gold are guaranteed for 3 years from the date of purchase.

Minimalist jewelry: the perfect gift

Our minimalist silver or gold plated jewelry are the authentic gifts that show the appreciation or affection of the person who gives it. They are pieces with a lot of usability and durability in which makes it the gift that always hits the mark.

Daily wear collection

Daily wear collection jewelry: ideal pieces for everyday use.

Our Daily wear jewelry collection are the must have that we have to have as a closet background. They are pieces of sterling silver jewelry that combines with everything, whether to go out to party, go to dinner, attend a special event or just to go out for a walk. The jewelry in this collection is value for money and does not wear out easily.

Elegant Jewelry Collection

Elegant Jewelry: delicate and timeless pieces

Monglam's elegant jewelry collection is ideal for the big events of the year or celebrations such as weddings, graduations, communion, baptism or anniversaries. The jewelry in this collection are pieces with a remarkable value for money that you will not find in other online jewelry store.

Discover why you will love Monglam's jewelry for those special days.

Elegant and unique designs
Made with quality materials
Made of 925 sterling silver and gold plated
Affordable prices

Keep your best memories of special occasions with our elegant jewelry!